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After completing his education as a multimedia designer in Denmark, Jeeva moved to the Netherlands. He participated in several additional programming, qualifying himself with the technical part of web development, marketing, designing and image editing. He has learned multiple ways of how to effectively convey a message through the use of media.

Jeeva has worked in the Netherlands for ICT companies and also started his own business as a photographer and videographer. During his studies, he became fascinated by imaging and the use of various cameras. What was then his hobby became his passion. He decided to invest more time and energy and developed his passion and hobby into becoming a successful professional wedding photographer and videographer. His success garnered him a place in the corporate world as he soon began to receive requests from companies for promotional films and corporate photography. This has now furthered him into further specialization in corporate photography and videography. 

Jeeva also became active in the commercial side of photo and videography. Jeeva is introspective of the emotions and feelings of people and organizations, which makes him an excellent story teller.

Jeeva and his team are very patient and always put clients at ease. The creative aspect of this company ensures that their assignment lacks no enthusiasm nor inspiration.

Creative Media sets the fulfillment of agreements and meeting deadlines as their highest priority. We work in a customer-oriented environment in which the wishes and ideas of the client are discussed in advance and in the most effective way for both the client and their organization.